Stay Connected.

KNA Recharge provides an innovative network of portable charger kiosks that allows you to recharge your mobile devices on the go.

What is KNA Recharge?

KNA Recharge is a self service kiosk machine that allows anyone to rent a portable charger power bank, and charge their mobile devices on the go. It’s really that easy.

How To Charge Your Phone


PAY: Swipe or Tap and hold to pay. We support Apple & Google pay.


TAKE: Once the payment is approved, the machine will release a portable charger.


CHARGE: Choose a cable on the portable charger power bank, connect your device and power on to charge.


RETURN: Simply insert the portable charger anywhere on the machine to complete your rental.

Our Innovative Stations

KNA Recharge offers three station types to meet the needs of any business. Free of charge and at no cost to you.

KNA Recharge

12 Unit

KNA Recharge

24 Unit

KNA Recharge
Extra Plus

48 Unit

Request a free portable charger station for your business or venue!


Whether you are a local cafe, bar, or restaurant, KNA Recharge can provide portable charging solutions for your guests. Drive traffic to your business via our app.

Festivals &

We work with sponsors and venue operators to provide an elevated experience for event-goers and enterprise partners.

Stadiums &

Outfit your entire venue or stadium with innovative new fan amenity. Allow fans to charge their phones at the comfort of their seats.